Prepare Your Digital Submission


Your art form specific digital submission must include:

-- 1 Ballet Technique, 1 Ballet Solo, 1 Modern Technique, 1 Modern Solo Video (4 video files total) 
     Please read specific instructions for each style in the pages below.

-- Personal Question Video (video file)

Technique & Solo Videos
Prospective Dance students must submit materials in both Ballet and Modern. The work of each student will be given an objective review by the adjudicators. Failure to comply with any of the requirements listed below may result in disqualification during the initial review process.

Personal Question (1 video, max 90 seconds)
In addition to your Ballet & Modern materials,  please provide the answer to the following question in video form:

Tell us something significant that has happened in your life and shaped who you are as a person.

Guidelines for Recording Your Ballet & Modern Digital Submission

  • Record your audition in a clearly defined interior space with a neutral background that is free of creases and breaks. Do not record into a mirror.
  • Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location. The camera should be placed sufficiently close to the performer so that positioning and movement of all parts of the body are clearly visible.
  • Record with the camera framing your entire body to capture movement in place as well as movement in and through space.
  •  Ensure recording captures good quality sound and image.
  •  While it is permissible to splice the video between different exercises to cut & paste it all together to fit the time requirement, there should be no cutting & splicing is in the middle of a particular exercise. For instance, when doing tendu en croix, record a complete exercise (front, side, back, side). Do not put together a video recording or a singular take of the tendu to the front and side with another video recording or take of the tendu to the back and side. If performing a particular exercise on both sides (right and left) there should be no cutting and pasting of two different videos, it should flow from one side to the other either by doing a détourné at the barre or immediately going to the other side in center. 

Guidelines for Recording Your Personal Question Video

  •   Record your answer in a clearly defined interior space with a neutral background that is free of 
      creases and breaks.
  • Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.
  • Your personal question video should be a separate video and should be titled  " LASTNAME_FirstName_Personal Question." 

Media Submission Requirements

  • Name your dance video links individually as “ballet_technique,” “modern_technique,” and “ballet_solo,” “modern_solo”
  •  For the solos, please indicate the Title, Composer (if applicable), and choreographer in the space  provided in your application.
  •  When uploading, be sure to upload to your computer first and verify that image is upright (not sideways) and plays smoothly.

       Please do not do any of the following as it may disqualify you:

  •  Do not edit within the solo.
  •  Do not use special effects, dissolves, fades or wipes.
  •  Do not submit pre-recorded live performances, such as recitals, concerts, or competitions.